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Trendy Clothing For Girls

Young women in the tween age range--11 to 14--are just as fashion conscious as older women, and an influx of designer girls' clothing into the market is reflecting that trend. Today's girls want to wear more sophisticated clothing at younger ages and are using their personal dollars to find highly stylish designer outfits to wear. Today's tweens are very label conscious. In school today, it often isn't enough to wear the right styles--one must also wear the right label.

This fashion consciousness at such a young age comes from a heavy influx of media images that portray women and children of all ages dressed in high-end fashions that are both glamorous and functional. Today's tweens are bombarded with these images every day, and they take them to heart. When one girl gets the right look, all of her peers will soon want to follow and will be demanding the same designer clothes. If there are no stores nearby that cater to high fashion for tweens, their parents may turn to mail order or custom designers to keep their children in the fashionable clothes they desire.

Designer Girls' Clothing In a Trendy Store

Custom designs are often made for special occasions, such as graduations, religious ceremonies and proms. However, an increasing number of girls are getting designer wardrobes made for them. There are also a few specialty stores that cater to this market. Un Deux Trois is a specialty store carrying high-end tween fashions. The store has locations in Studio City, Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Tarzana.