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Tween Girls' Clothing

Today's girls follow fashion and trends, and modern tween clothing reflects this knowledge and sophistication. Even girls in elementary school pay attention to what celebrities and other famous people are wearing. The social hierarchy in schools is often determined by who is wearing what, and the girls who are highest on the social ladder are usually the ones that get the high-end fashions first. Other girls then pay attention to what their well-respected peers are wearing and attempt to copy those looks for themselves.

Everything from jeans to t-shirts and party dresses are subject to intense fashion scrutiny from tweens. It can often be difficult for parents to find clothing that both they and their children like. Even parents who are very fashion conscious themselves may not understand the clothing trends of tween culture. Girls of this age are very influenced by labels, often more so than the appearance of the clothing itself.

Tween Clothing With a Designer Label

Just like celebrities are asked what label they are wearing when they walk the red carpet, tweens in high-end party dresses also look for designer labels. Designer labels are now a part of every aspect of tween clothing, including:

T-shirts and other tops





Jackets and coats


Finding the right outfits can make the school experience much easier on preteen girls. Un Deux Trois is a popular designer of preteen outfits with merchandise in a select number of stores across the United States. The company also has four signature stores, located in California in Studio City, Brentwood, Tarzana and Beverly Hills.

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